Annual Gift Giving Campaign 

Please join our Circle of Philanthropy with your tax-deductible contribution. 

 If you wish to pay by check, make it payable to GHWC and mail it to:  

Kim Lhota, 18 Grandview Dr., Palm Coast FL 32137


You can also contribute online by credit card now, just click the  Donate button  

If you have questions about how Credit cards and PayPal work, refer to the How to Pay document listed in the website's HOME/FAQs section.  

If you would like to make a contribution thru your Charitable Trust, please contact our Treasurer for additional information.

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September 7, 2020

As I reflect over the past nine months one would not have imagined that our country, state and local community would be impacted by a virus called Covid-19 which has impacted our hospitals, schools, businesses and way of life.  As a woman’s club we as well have been impacted by canceled meetings and fund-raising events this past spring. 

As a club, we are unsure if we will be able to have our monthly meetings, scheduled events and fund-raising opportunities this fall.  The board has agreed we will adhere to all state and local guidelines in regards to participating in meetings and other activities. 


The Grand Haven Woman’s Club Annual Gift Campaign will be your opportunity to continue to support organizations by donating money and joining the Circle of Philanthropy.   Many of the organizations are facing numerous financial challenges from the impact of this pandemic. 

With the uncertainty of monies raised through fund- raising events the budget committee has taken a very conservative approach to allocations for this up-coming year.   The Annual Gift Campaign may be the only opportunity for all of us to continue to provide assistance to much needed organizations through our giving.  


I encourage you to join fellow members in supporting this effort and joining our Circle of Philanthropy with your tax-deductible contribution made payable to GHWC.  You can send your check in the enclosed envelop to:  Kim Lhota, President, 18 Grandview Dr., Palm Coast, FL  32137.  I look forward to a time when we can come together as a club and celebrate our many accomplishments.   I hope you and your family members stay safe and well during this unsettled time. 




Kim Lhota

President, GHWC