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Kim, Annette, Patty & Patty
Kim Lhota, Annette Felahis, Patsy Campbell & Patty Hartsfield cooking & serving food at Our Father's Table
Thank you Laura O'Brien for your dedication as President for the last two years!
2020-2022 Standing Committee Chairs
Planning meeting for the 2020-2021 year.
L-R Susan Gregory, Newsletter; Nancy Carlton, Budget; Cindy Price, Notices; Denise Burren, Membership Co-chair; Kim Lhota, President; Roi Parris, First VP; Lynn Smith, Membership Co-chair; Ruth Krauthamer, Neighbor to Neighbor Co-Chair; Sally Nord, Neighbor to Neighbor Co-chair and Melanie Mathis, Hospitality Chair.
GHWC 2020-2022 Officers
Officers met to discuss plans for the upcoming year.
Seated L-R: Peggy Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Debbie Douglas, Co-Treasurer
Standing L-R: Laura O'Brien Immediate Past President; Barbara McCarthy Co-Treasurer; Kim Lhota, President; Laura McBride, Recording Secretary.
Not pictured: Roi Parris First VP
2020-2022 GHWC team
Despite the pandemic, the GHWC moves forward. Incoming president Kim Lhota met with her team to discuss 2020-2022 plans.
Meet the new team!
Front row: Suzanne O'Meally & Kathy Reichard-Ellavsky
Back row: Lucie Lachance, Annette Felahis, Kim Lhota, Patsy Campbell, Marie Lanier and Patty Hartsfield
Masks made and donated by the Material Girls
The Material Girls have been busy sewing masks to donate where there is a need in Flagler County.
Small sample of masks
Almost 700 masks have been distributed to first responders, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Hospice, Advent Hospital, free clinic, etc., etc.
Amazing teamwork to get all these masks where needed
The making of these masks has been a team effort!
Thank you to everyone who donated fabric, assisted with cutting, sewed, distributed the masks, etc.
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Thank you Laura O'Brien for your dedication as President for the last two years!