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Contributions Summary Information
THANK YOU to all our members and sponsors for all your help and support! 

                                 2022                 2021           2020

               Number of Projects:        52                                    62                         77

 Number of Volunteer Hours:   13,492                             11,706                    12,731

                   Dollars Donated:  $133,110                         $118,791                 $72,638

                In-kind Donations:   $33,254                       $136,976                $99,560

             Grand Total Dollars:  $166,364                      $255,767               $172,198

NOTE: The information listed here is based on data that was collected and reported for each calendar year (required by GFWC).

Starting in September 2023 we will be collecting and reporting data according to our club year (September thru May).

To see the current year's information, click the TIME REPORTING button. 

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