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Our History 

In January 2005, twenty-two women residing in Grand Haven began working on plans to form the Grand Haven Woman's Club. Our club has grown dramatically over the years; today, our membership is about 200 members.
Founding Members
Peggy Baldrate
Landiss Bossong
Carolyn Bouck 
Phyllis Brothers
Bonnie Cross
Lucy Crowley
Louise Dycke
Sue Freytag 
Elaine Ganeles
Dee Glass 
Lorna Horne 
Betty Hurst 
Barbara Kurp 
Bernadette Lawrence 
Sandra Maloney
Sally Nord
Carol Olsen
Nan Reid
Nancy Richards
Gloria Schleith
Mary Ann Shields
Cindy Waters
Past Presidents

2005 - 2007                         Carolyn Bouck

2007 - 2009                      Nancy Richards

2009 - 2011                                 Sally Nord

2011 - 2013                  Sandra Mankowich

2013 - 2015                    Sandy Hollenbeck

2015 - 2016                           Nancy Carlton

2016 - 2018                        Karen E. Finder

2018 - 2020                          Laura O'Brien 

2020 - 2022                                Kim Lhota 

In Memorium
Cathy Bohmueller
Landiss Bossong
Pat Cargill
Fran Chiodo

Judie Crossan 
Debbie DeCarlo
Ellie Decker
Marie DeCola
Lou Farlow
Betty Fitterman
Dolores Gallo
Marilyn Gingles 

Maureen Goldfarb
Coralee Halley
Bernadette Lawrence

Virginia Legge
Carol May
Margie McMullen 

Laura Lee Robinson
Mary Rumsey
Sherry Sabol
Gloria Sanchez
Nell Santos
Gloria Schlieth
Beverly Senko
Jean Soberanis
Maryann Thress
Diane Thornton
Barbara White
Barbara Wright 
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