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New Members 

April 15th, 2024 Welcome to our newest members!

L to R: Membership co-chair Marilyn McNamara, Karen Champney, Bonnie Lyons, President Roi Parris & Membership co-chair Cheryl Dresnok

March 18th, 2024 - our Newest members

L to R - Cheryl Dresnok (Membership co-chair), Jamie Mahan, Kristina Bracciale, Anita Biggers, Marilyn McNamara (Membership co-chair) & Roi Parris (President)

February 2024 - Welcome our newest members

Cheryl Dresnok (Membership Co-chair), Maria Gilmore, Carol DeFries, Bridget Cudak, Mary Margaret Antonelli, Roi Parris (President) and Marilyn McNamara (Membership co-chair)

2023.12.11 Welcome to our new members

December 11th 2023 - New Members Front row L to R: Carmen Roche, Wendy Dillon and Holly White Back Row L to R: Cheryl Dresnok (Membership co-chair), Nancy Chisholm, Beverly Agnew, Laurie Harrison, Sonia Ciampa and Roi Parris (President)

11/13/2023 Meet our newest member, Eva Larsson. L to R: Roi Parris, Eva & Membership co-chair Cheryl Dresnok

New members join Roi and Cheryl - Deborah Roush, Claire Moore and Paulette Burau

10/16/2023 Meet our newest members: L to R: Deborah Roush, Claire Moore, GHWC President Roi Parris, Paulette Burau and GHWC Membership co-Chair Cheryl Dresnok

Vanessa LaForte & Wanda Mayer

9/18/2023 Meet our newest members: Vanessa LaForte & Wanda Mayer

4/17/2023 - Cheryl Dresnok Membership Co-chair & Roi Parris GHWC President welcome our new members

4/17/2023 Cheryl Dresnok Membership Co-chair and Roi Parris, GHWC President welcome our newest members L to R: Cheryl, Andrea Byrne, Diane Fitzgerald, Linda Britton & Roi

3/20/2023 Cheryl Dresnok and Marilyn McNamara pose with new member, Evelyn Sandusky

3/20/2023 Cheryl Dresnok and Marilyn McNamara (Membership co-Chairs), pose with new member, Evelyn Sandusky. Welcome to the club Evelyn!

Roi joins new members Kathy DiDonato, Selma Paul, Kathleen Donner, Sue Guy and Carol Culpe

2/20/2023 L to R: President Roi Parris, Cathy DiDonato, Selma Paul, Kathleen Donner, Sue Guy, and Carol Culpepper. Missing: Missie Parrey

2022.12.12 Marilyn McNamara and Lori Mestre

Marilyn McNamara, Membership Chair, welcomes new member Lori Mestre during our Holiday Luncheon on 12/12/2022

2022.11.14 General Meeting

Welcome new members Jan Bearce and Kathy Murray. Jan is our Newsletter Editor, but has not been officially introduced to our membership.

Pat Barton, Cheryl Dresnok, Jackie van Nieuwenhoven

New members at our October 17th, 2022 meeting. Left to Right: Pat Barton, Cheryl Dresnok, Membership co-chair and Jackie Von Nieuwenhoven Click the link below to learn more about these ladies Welcome ladies!

2022.09.19 New members

New members attending the September 19th, 2022 meeting. L to R: JoAnn Voight, Martha Belica, Khanh-Lien Banko, Marcia Kesner, Margie McMullen Welcome to the club ladies! Click the link below to see a brief bio on these ladies

General Meeting _New members

Welcome to our new members Eileen Marotto and Ruthanne Chesebro, pictured with Denise Burren (Membership Chair) at the 2/21/2022 meeting and luncheon

Feb. 17th 2020 meeting

Standing L to R: Pam Kolias, Ophelia Beier, Denise Burren, Barbara Cummings, MJ Elwood, Jennifer Ames & Alexa Freszar Seated L to R: Terry Burde, Marie Lanier & Carol Vaughn

New members - November 2019

L to R Judi Quayle, Gerie Hicks-Frey, Pat Kaufman, Cindy Price

New members - September 2019

L to R: Maggie Shelko, Karen Raphael, MaryLou Keener & Tracy Schaaf Not pictured, Louise Porter.

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