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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. January 2021  Who was Gloria Sanchez and why is Day of Games named in her  memory
A.  In the early years of GHWC, the main form of fundraising was to hold basket raffles at the monthly membership meetings.  It was also a large part of the funds raised at the Day of Games.  Gloria Sanchez was the GHWC “Basket Queen,” who almost single-handedly created all of these beautiful baskets from items donated by members.  Following Gloria’s passing in 2013, the GHWC honored Gloria by naming the Day of Games event in her memory.
Q. April 2020 How does the on-line renewal payment work?  

A. The on-line renewal payment is done via PayPal. Please click  here                                 to see the step-by-step instructions. 

Q. January 2020 What is PayPal and Square and how secure are payments using PayPal or Square? 

A. PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payment system that facilitates payments between parties through on-line funds transfers. Paypal makes online purchases safer by providing a form of payment that does not require the disclosure of credit card or bank account information. Paypal states that your information is encrypted with the highest level commercially available. For details on PayPal’s privacy visit their website

SQUARE is a financial services, merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company based in San Francisco CA. Square Cash is one of the many tools it offers that lets customers pay on a merchant’s mobile device using a credit card. This works in conjunction with Square Reader, a small device that is installed on a smartphone or tablet that reads credit & debit cards. Square states that they provide industry-leading encryption with PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant systems (technical & operational standards that businesses must follow to ensure that credit card data is protected). For details on Square’s security visit their website

Q. I am a part time resident, is it worth the effort to join?  
A. Yes, it is worth it! You can participate in a one time activity or event like writing holiday cards for the troops in December, helping set-up the tables for the Book Sale in March, or in any of the fundraisers during the year. All of these are ways you can contribute to the mission of the GHWC. 

Q. What is the dress code for attending monthly meetings?

A. Proper attire is business casual or country club style. Jeans, regardless of color or style, should never be worn.

Q. Why should I join GHWC? 
A. We are distinguished from other service organizations by the breadth of our outreach. Through our community service programs, members make a positive impact locally and globally in the areas of arts, conservation, education, home life, public issues, and international outreach. Click the ABOUT button and scroll through the various committees available.

Q. How much time is expected to be volunteered?

A. There is no minimum time requirement for volunteering. Each member can do as much as she is able.


Q. Can a part time resident or a renter join?

A. Anyone who is a resident of Grand Haven is eligible to join GHWC.


Q. To whom can questions be directed?                                                  

A. Questions can be directed to the member who sponsored you or any member of the Leadership Team. Click the CONTACT US button for list of officers and Community Service Program (CSP) chairs.


Q. What are the costs for membership?

A. As of January 2020, membership application fee for new members is $40 when joining before February 1 plus a $5 Administrative fee. New members joining on or after February 1 will pay a reduced amount of $20 plus the $5 Administrative fee.

Annual renewal is conducted each year between March and May. Renewal dues are $40.


Q. What organizations are supported by GHWC?

A. As of January 2023, more than 30 programs are supported by fund raisers, member contributions, donations and volunteering. For additional details, click the 'Organizations we Support' button on the HOME page.


Q. When are meetings held?

A. General membership meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Grand Haven Golf Clubhouse, unless otherwise indicated. Check the CALENDAR page for more details. 


Q. How do I become involved?

A. Any interested woman residing in Grand Haven is welcomed to attend a monthly membership meeting as a guest. If she is interested in joining, she should contact the Membership Chair at for further information. The membership process steps are:

  • apply for Membership and pay dues,

  • receive Board approval,

  • be introduced at the next monthly meeting when the new member is present.

Q. What can I do the first year of membership?

A. A new member can meet with a member of the Leadership Team during Orientation to discuss current opportunities. She can join a committee of her choice or participate in a one-time event such as writing holiday cards for our troops or helping set up for the annual Book Sale.

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